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So make every minute count
jump up, jump in and seize the day
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AU || Eep!
[Hello from Danville! Or well what used to be Danville. The familiar to some living room is no longer as bright as it normally is. In fact...the brightest thing in the room is the rather short hair of one Ferb Fletcher. Who also looks considerably more pale then usual.

And completely terrified.

Because the community is on his television set instead of what Dr. Doofensmirtz allows to be watched. They can get into such big trouble but instead of attempting to fix the problem (as he normally would) he simply curls up on the couch and waits for what is going to happen.]
31st-Oct-2011 10:16 am(no subject)
favorite tool~!
Bwahahaha!Collapse )

[Ferb stands up and makes to move towards his brother adn friend but stops short. Turning around he waves and presses a key on the organ, shutting off the feed.

Happy Halloween.]
It's not real. But I believe it exist.Collapse )

((ooc: personal file. feel free to hack and bother him. It's late for him, so he'll answer with sleepy posts!))
I have no idea
[Ferb was currently on a friendly looking little street, Main Street USA. The way was lined with shops selling all sorts of things, but he has his cellphone focused on two particular items. One looks remarkably like his brother, the other one looks identical to himself. Only...they are miniature and plushy.

He turns the cell phone around and raises an eyebrow.]

Now really...that's a bit much.
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